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Check your IP address

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a series of numbers assigned to your computer to identify it on a network. This IP address could be assigned by our equipment, when you are connected directly to us, or if you have a wireless router, it would likely be assigned by that router.

To find your IP address,


If you IP starts with
192.168 You are most likely behind a router. Further testing should take place when connected directly to the line coming in.
172. You are most likely connected directly to our fiber service
169.254 Your computer is not getting an IP address, and Windows is automatically choosing one. Try rebooting your router and the computer and check again to see if your computer gets a valid IP address
10.0.0 You are likely connected directly to one of our modems or wireless routers, or possibly a third party router.
10.x.x.x, not resembling above You are likely connected to a video port instead of an internet port.

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