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Troubleshoot issues with Fiber Service

  1. Check the Battery Backup and make sure it’s got power.  You may find it on your garage, utility room, mud room, closet, etc.  It will be about the size of a shoebox, beige in color and say Cyberpower or APC on it.  The AC and Output lights should be green and the Battery light should be dark.  If the Battery light is red or all the lights are red, make sure that the battery backup is plugged in to an active power source.  If it appears to be, try looking for the GFI switch and make sure it isn’t tripped.  Also, try plugging it in to a different power source.  If all that doesn’t work, call us at 326-4357.  If the lights all look good, proceed to next step.
  2. Reboot all equipment in order
    1. If you have a router, unplug its power cord for 10 seconds.  Plug it back in and wait for it to finish booting up.  This can take a couple minutes.
    2. Shut down your computer for 10 seconds and start it back up.  Check for internet connection.
  3. If still no connection, try bypassing the router, if you have one.  Unplug the Ethernet cable (Looks like a big fat phone cord) from the Internet, WAN or Link port (each router is a little different – yours may have a different label) and plug that cable directly in to your computer.  So, the cable will run from where the installer placed the cable directly ro your computer.
    • If the connection comes up, you have a problem with the router.  Contact the router vendor for further support.
    • If the connection still doesn’t come up, further troubleshooting will be required.  Proceed to next step.
  4. Make sure the computer is connected directly to our feed and unplug the power cord from the router so that it no longer broadcasts a WiFi hotspot.
    1. On your computer click Start
    2. Click Programs or All Programs
    3. Click Accessories
    4. Click Command Prompt
    5. In the resulting black box, type ipconfig and press enter
    6. Scroll up till you see a line that says Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection
    7. A couple of lines down from there you will see a line that says either TCP/IP Address or IPv4 Address.  Make note of the IP address your computer has.
      • If you are drawing an IP address starting with 172, it’s probably correct.
      • If you are drawing an IP starting with 192.168, you are still connecting through a router of some sort.  Please make sure you have powered that down and try the ipconfig command again.
      • If your IP address starts with 10.100 or something similar, your computer is connected to the line that feeds your video service and needs to reconnected to its proper internet feed.  Call us for assistance
    8. If the IP address in the previous step appears to be correct, try pinging from that same black box.
      1. Type ping and press enter. Ideally, you will see 4 lines repeated that will say Reply from bytes=32 time=Xms TTL=NN. If you do, proceed to next step. If you see four lines saying Destination Net Unreachable or Request Timed Out, and youi’re sure everything is connected properly, call us.
      2. If the previous ping came back with bytes, times and TTLS, that indicates your computer has a good connection to the internet. Now we need to find out if it can resolve DNS. Type ping and press enter. Ideally you should again see the 4 replies with bytes, times and TTLS. If you see the two previsouly mentioned failures, it indicates that your computer is unable to resolve DNS addresses.
      3. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Restart your computer, but leave everything hooked up as is.
      4. Once the computer is done rebooting, repeat the previous 3 steps. If you still can’t resolve DNS, you will need to set a static DNS for your computer. Give us a call for an assist on that.
    9. If all that didn’t get you going, you could try with another computer. It could be that the Network Interface Card is failing. Or you can call us for further troubleshooting, as it could also indicate problems with the modem or line.

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