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Voicemail Instructions


Using the Voicemail System

The voicemail system is menu driven. Listen to the prompts and then press the keys on your phone to select which option you would like.

Accessing Voicemail

To access voicemail from your phone dial *98.

The first time you access your voicemail box you will be asked to set up your mailbox, record your name, and record a personal greeting to be played to callers when leaving a message.

When accessing your mailbox for the first time, this must be done from your home phone. You will be asked for your PIN. On the initial access to your mailbox your PIN will be 123465. During the setup process you will be asked to enter a new PIN. This must be at least 4 digits in length and cannot be totally sequential such as 1234. Also, it cannot consist of part of your home phone number.

Once your mailbox has been setup and initialized you can access it from an external phone number. Dial 317-335-4020 to access the system from another number other than your home number.

When you have messages

When you have at least one new message you will have a broken dial tone when you pick up the phone to make a call. If your equipment is equipped with a visual indicator this also will be flashing to indicate you have a new message.

Use the following charts to help guide you through the system


Play Inbox Messages 1
Send Messages 2
Work with Greetings 3
Mail Box Settings 4
Access deleted Messages 6
Log on as different user 7
Help 0
Exit Voicemail System *


While Listening to your voicemail messages,
the following options are available:
ACTION Before Message During Message After Message
Skip Message 9 N/A N/A
Reply to Message 4 4 4
Delete 3 3 3
Save 2 2 2
Send a Copy 5 5 5
Repeat Message 1 1 1
Pause/Resume 8 8 8
Back to Menu * * *
Next Message # # #

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