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When will NineStar TV Be Available?
NineStar TV is available in most of our surrounding areas, distance limitations apply so please contact a Customer Service Representative to check availability.

Set Top Box Care and Maintenance

Please take the following safety precautions with your NineStar TV set-top box:
* Place it on a smooth, flat surface (air should circulate freely under and around it).
* Do not place anything on top of it.
* Keep it away from liquids and pets.
* Make sure the cord is not worn or damaged.
* To clean, dust lightly with a dry cloth. DO NOT use cleaning fluids, sprays or waxes.
When plugged in, it’s normal for the set-top box to produce some heat, even when not in use. If the set-top box is unplugged or power is interrupted, it will shut off and the set-top box will need to reload its services. If this occurs, your set-top box could take up to 15 minutes to reactivate completely. If it does not reactivate after 15 minutes, please contact the office.

Connections/ Home Wiring

Upon installation, internal wiring and all outlets become the property of the customer. After initial installation, if you would like to add connections, or remove, rearrange or repair the wiring inside your home, you have the option of having NineStar TV perform such work.

If there is damage to your telephone or NineStar TV equipment either inside or outside your home, do not attempt to perform the work yourself. Please contact the main office.

To avoid affecting your picture, do not relocate or alter NineStar TV equipment.

Reception Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure your TV and set-top box are plugged in and all connections are tight. If the outlet is connected to a wall switch, make sure the switch is turned ON.
  2. Make sure your TV is set to the proper input, i.e. Input 1 or 2, or Antenna 1 or 2.
  3. Check the other channels to see if the same problem is on more than one channel. Poor reception on only one channel could be a problem at the station or network transmitting the signal. These problems generally are fixed quickly.
  4. Check the other TVs in your home. If the same problem exists on more than one TV, you can eliminate your TV as the trouble source.

If after following steps 1-4 your picture is still: fuzzy, snowy, shadows, horizontal bars or dark moving bars, please contact the main office. If you do not have picture or sound on several or all channels, contact the main office.

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