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What kind of connection connects my STB to my TV

Coaxial (Co-ax) Cable
This is the cable for which Cable TV service was originally made. It can only support 480i resolution and SD signals. This kind of cable screws in to the back of the Set Top Box (STB) and TV and the TV must be on Channel 3 or Channel 4 in order to be able to display picture from the STB. This cable provides both video and audio.
The next step up in the line is the Composite Cable. As shown in the image to the right, this cable splits in to three ends: red, yellow and white. It can support only 480i and 480p resolutions and SD only. TV’s need to be on the Component or Composite input to see this signal. The video signal is delivered on the yellow plug and audio on the red and white plugs.
Like the Composite cable, the Component cable also splits in to three colored ends: Red/Blue/Green. This cable can support up to720p resolution and HD. These cables need to be used in tandem with the above shown Composite cable, as the Red/Green/Blue provides video only. When connecting the Composite, you will only use the Red and White plugs for video. Do not plug in the yellow one. The TV must be on Component or Color Stream input.
The newest player on the field is the HDMI cable. Looking much like a USB cable for a
computer, this is the easiest of the cables to work with and provides both video and audio to the TV. This cable can provide video resolution in HD up to 1080i and 1080 p. When plugging it in to the TV, make note of which HDMI port it is plugged in to, as you will need to set the TV to the same input setting (i.e., HDMI1, HDMI2, etc.).

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